Field Day

Field Day is on Monday, June 16th!
Opening Ceremonies begin at 9am 
and will be held in the AP Room
All are welcome to attend.

We are still in need of a few volunteers, 
please contact Colette Burl if you are willing and able.

You are also welcome to stop 
by to have a picnic lunch with your child.
Lunch Times are as follows:

1st Grade11:00-11:20
2nd Grade11:10-11:30 
3rd Grade11:20-11:40 
4th Grade11:30-11:50 
 5th Grade11:50-12:10
6th Grade12:10-12:30 

Lunch will be available for parents and siblings to purchase.  
Cost is $3.75 for an Adult and it includes Hotdog or Hamburger, Chips, Watermelon 
and a cupcake 

Let the Games Begin!!!
Hope you to see you all there!