Being a Cub Scout

This article was written as a requirement for a Cub Scouts project by Sam Warren who will be a 5th grade student this fall at Pine Grove School. 

Being a Cub Scout
by Sam Warren
Pine Grove Student

I have had a really fun time in the many years that I have been in Cub Scouts. I have done some really fun things.
     I've learned how to safely use a knife,earning my whittling chip.  I also got to go to a Harlem Globe Trotters game, it was so fun.  I got my basketball signed by the team. Another exciting thing I've done was meeting the Lowell Spinners. We ran out on the field with the players,  it was awesome!  I also got to visit a huge warship, the USS Salem. I never thought I would ever get to sleep on such a big ship! The funnest thing I got to do during my 4 years was Cub Scout camp at Lone Tree Scout Reservation!   We get to do archery, shoot targets with bb guns and lots of other fun things there.
    During my years as a Cub Scout I have learned in life you have to be trustworthy,  respectful, loyal and most of all,  to give back to your community. 
       I have had a really great time as a Cub Scout and hope I have even more fun as a Boy Scout.