Voice your concerns to your Massachusetts State Senator and Representative

Dear Pine Grove Parents,

The Pine Grove PTA takes very seriously it's responsibility to inform members of issues that have a direct effect on Pine Grove School.  We're sure everyone is aware of the current budget crisis that the Triton Regional School District is facing.  We encourage you to contact Massachusetts State Senator, Bruce Tarr and Massachusetts State Representative, Brad Hill asking for their assistance/influence with this funding crisis on behalf of Triton.

Below are links to both of their website contact pages, you can copy and paste the message below into the form provided and submit it electronically. You are welcome to write your own message.

Our hope is that if enough parents contact Senator Tarr and State Representative Hill that action will be taken on our behalf.

Thank you for your help. 

Pine Grove PTA

Link for State Representative Brad Hill

Link for State Senator Bruce Tarr


As a parent/guardian/ family member of a student attending a school in the Triton Regional School District I am contacting you to ask you to use your influence to intervene in the upcoming FY16 budget deliberations on behalf of our children. The Governor’s budget has the effect of reducing Triton’s revenue by almost $500,000. Planned cuts in reimbursements for regional transportation, and charter and special education tuitions (the Circuit Breaker), together with the ending of the Kindergarten grant and a mere $20/student increase in Chapter 70 aid has contributed to significant reductions in educator personnel (13.5), opportunities for essential educator professional development, general and after school bus runs, and increased fees.

There are powerful connections between a quality education system, the life chances of individuals, the economic well being of the community, and the functioning of an active and informed democracy.

I ask you to support our schools in the upcoming budget deliberations.