PGS Renovation Project

Pine Grove School Renovation

The Time is NOW

Don’t forget to attend Town Meeting on Monday May 1st
We need all of our supporters to attend! 

We need PGS support to vote “YES" on approving the funding for a school renovation. 
We need at least 2/3 of those in attendance to vote “yes” for the renovation
  for ballot approval in the following week’s election.

On Tuesday, May 9th the Town Election will take place 
at St. Mary's from 12pm to 8pm.

We need your "Yes" vote for the renovation project.

This is our chance to receive a nearly 50% reimbursement
from the Mass School Building Authority. 
If this measure does not pass,
we will risk having to do a renovation without reimbursement.

You can also view a video hosted by the town and featuring our own Principal Christine Kneeland at…
In this video she highlights the current need for the renovation.
Please help spread the word!